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As the Greater Edmonton Area expands with new housing developments, Cutting Edge breathes new, green life back into the soil and clay. Land development landscaping construction including boulevards, storm water management facilities, municipal reserve parks, public utility lanes and retaining walls have become a fixture of who we are and what we do. Maintaining our stellar CCC and FAC success rates is a top priority. We’re always looking to innovate within the industry utilizing the latest technologies and applications.

Development Partners

Cutting Edge Landscaping has developed strong relationships with a variety of development companies in the greater Edmonton area including:




Featured Developments

Cutting Edge Landscaping has a robust presence in several communities in the greater Edmonton Area. Some of the premiere subdivisions we have recently constructed and maintained include:






Municipality Partners

Cutting Edge Landscaping has developed strong relationships with many different municipalities in the greater Edmonton area including:



Cutting Edge Landscaping is contracted with several municipalities to complete landscaping inspection services , regular maintenance and various public land restoration projects. Our municipality relationship experience gives us a competitive advantage with regards to CCC & FAC inspections. We understand how to manage the specific expectations in each geographical region.


Our Land Development Projects

Our Land Development Projects

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