Every one of our clients is different, so every one of our projects is different. Cutting Edge will meet with you to get a 360-degree perspective on your vision for your outdoor living spaces. We use the latest landscape design technology to help you visualize the beauty of the end result before the work begins. Digital technology helps ensure that project specifications will be clearly laid out, precise and closely followed. From low-maintenance solutions to a backyard oasis, we provide you with several options and ideas—from layout to stonework and planting options—to help achieve the results you’re looking for. Some of our professional residential services include:

  • Planning
    Do you have a new home or are looking to freshen up an existing property? Maybe you’re wanting to add an extra something to your yard this year? Cutting Edge Landscaping Ltd. is able to help create an amazing outdoor space that will give new life to your property. Call us today for your free estimate.

  • Design
    Cutting Edge Landscaping often works with award winning Landscape Designer Julia Todorova.

    Julia’s Alpine Garden offers aesthetically pleasing yet functional and affordable landscape design solutions for both large and small projects. We work closely with our clients to create a landscape design that matches their vision and budget, and that is practical for the available space and climate.

    Landscape designer Julia Todorova has been planning beautiful residential and commercial landscapes for over 20 years and has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University Of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria where she specialized in parks and alpine gardens.

    Since she began designing landscapes in Alberta, Julia has been featured in several magazine and newspaper articles and has won numerous awards.  In fact, Julia has won at least one LANTA award every year since 2006!

    Visit the Julia’s Alpine Garden website for more information and to book your landscape design appointment.

  • Sodding
    We carefully install high-quality sod to create a beautiful, natural green lawn.

  • Paving Stones
    Stonework can function decoratively and practically in your yard. We create beautiful, durable patios, walkways, planting bed borders and driveways.

  • Retaining Walls
    Planters and retaining walls add dimension and visual interest to your yard and allow you to highlight planting spaces in a unique way.

  • Stones and Boulders
    Whether an accent, structural piece, or garden, stone and boulder work creates natural appeal in your yard.

  • Trees and Shrubs
    Cutting Edge Landscaping will work with you to select the best trees and shrubs for your yard. We carefully consider home architecture, lot shape and size, orientation to the sun and, most importantly, your personal taste. 

  • Ground Cover
    Looking for an alternative to traditional grass? Cutting Edge provides many low maintenance options for your consideration such as rock beds, mulch and plant cover.

  • Irrigation
    Cutting Edge installs water-efficient, hassle-free irrigation systems that will keep your yard lush and give you more time to relax.

  • Water Features
    Create soothing ambience by adding a water feature. Let the Cutting Edge experts help you choose a pond, waterfall, or fountain.

  • Renovations
    Tired of your yard? Does it need a minor face-lift or a major overhaul? Cutting Edge can help breath life back into a mature yard, or just fix those nagging little problems.

  • Fencing & Wood Work
    Let us take care of your fencing needs from matching an existing application or repair to creating beautiful new applications. Our experienced team also builds custom pergolas, planters, decks and more.

  • Skid-steer Services
    Our equipment operators are ready to handle any job from final grading to large boulder placement. Cutting Edge Landscaping Ltd. has a large selection of equipment to help service your landscaping needs.

Our Residential Landscape Projects

Our Residential Landscape Projects

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