Tweddle Place Dry Pond

Cutting Edge Landscaping partnered with WCL and EPCOR to complete the Tweddle Place Dry Pond Expansion & Sewer Upgrades project. This two year project features over 1km of vegetated sound barrier structure, 316 trees, and 1500 shrubs. The vegetated sound barrier was custom engineered to provide a noise attenuation barrier that will become an accepted alternative to concrete and wooden sound walls/fences. By incorporating Willow whips, harvested from around the Edmonton area, we have enhanced the appearance of an otherwise static structure. This type of construction is more common in Europe and we are proud to be the first contractor to bring this concept to Western Canada. Over the 4 year maintenance period we will pay very close attention to the willows incorporated in the vegetated sound barrier to ensure that the plant material will completely envelop the wood structure. Based on the success of this project we look forward to providing this as an alternative to concrete sound barriers across Alberta and into Western Canada.